Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm going to Colorado In October

I'll be rocking a similar look for my interview
(locks and all, but no jean jacket)
Good day all,
I wanted to drop by to say that i am planning on moving to Colorado in October sometime. Next month is sooo uncertain. First i am flying to Colorado for a face-to-face interview(i'm not paying a penny for the trip). As much as i hope i get the job, even if i don't, i still plan on moving in October. By the time i quit my current job, i would have raised the certain larger amount of money i truly need to move to Colorado. If i don't move next month, i wouldn't be able to move until spring 2012 because of weather concerns(i'm basically moving to the other part of the country), so ya. As i said so much is uncertain. I have no idea where i will live, if i will be able to find work, and i don't know a single soul in that state, but since Christ is on my side, i'm pushing all my fears unto him. 

Please pray for me blogger fam, this is the biggest decision(besides giving my life to Christ) that i have ever made.  

Have a blessed day. Chizzy D

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