Sunday, April 3, 2011

For people who don't like to read, there is a solution!

Hey guys long time,
So I came on here because (as i stated in an earlier post ) I HATE to read. I have been struggling to read some of the most interesting books i know of. I think University did this to me because growing up, i loved to read.
I found the solution to my problem and i am soooo excited about it. I decided to share it with everyone because there may be others like myself who have been struggling.

The solution is: Audiobooks....yeps. I think i might be the last person to really get into audiobooks. There are different websites that offer this program.

I found out is offering some kind of deal right now(from an ad on to get two free books and free membership for 30days. You can delete your account anytime before the 30 days and not be charged anything. So i went on there and got a book and i'm very excited about it. I plan on listening to it on my ipod touch while working out and listening to it through my computer while sewing(new hobby that i will soon post about).

Nobody told me or paid me to do this post(i, i just kinda think this tool is totally amazing.
Oh and here is the link to get two free books---->

Have a blessed day. Chizzy D


Ibhade said...

Weldone sistah! when there is a will, there is always a way.

Naijamum in L. said...

MMM nice solution
I lovvvvve to read
Even my kids call me a 'nerd' - so I'll save this solution for later *smile*

Myne Whitman said...

Audiobooks are a great alternative, but I've tried listening to my Kindle read to me, and my attention wanders...

Chizzy D said...

@nitty....thx...i used it today and really loved it.

@naijamum...i love information as well, its the physically reading that bothers

@myne...hmm...i didnt know kindle can read to you. Hmmm is it a like a bland voice, cause i think the voice makes a difference.
The book i am listening to right now is read by the author of the book and two other ppl, which is pretty exciting to me.

@ilola said...

Audio books are great but it can't still beat real books. Cos reading is supposed to stimulate and 'educate' the brain while it is taking and processing the words. Audio books don't have the ability to do this.

Chizzy D said...

i lost about 5 comments b/c i tried out a new commenting system, things are back as they were now, sorry to the commentors that wrote a comment and its gone.

Natural Nigerian said...

Same experience as Myne. I like to feel the book in my hands...Anyway, as an avid reader I recognize that there are some times that Audio books are indispensable.

One Person said...

You know, when I thought that that was a good idea, because sometimes I think I'd rather have someone read me the text books rather than me read them- BECAUSE I CANT STAND READING! I thought that there was nothing I could do about it, but now it's starting to piss me off because trying to do my reading keeps me from doing my work and studying. Ok, well I don't mind reading so much anymore, but it is bad since I can't seem to learn how to read fast. It is terrible.

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