Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A post that I couldn't write without shedding joyful tears!

Hi blogger fam,

I started this blog last november. To read my first real post(clickhere) and see where i am today, all i can do is shout in amazement of my God and how all along he had a VERY PERFECT plan for me, all i had to do was trust in him.
So, last i posted i was planning on moving to Colorado and i had a interview there before my planned moved.  Fast foward to today. I AM in Colorado(it took me three day of travel by car to get here), i have a very cute apartment, a 70 year old lady that I had never met before took me under her wings, hosted me in her home till i found my own place, cooked for me, showed me around, and helped me move into my apartment buying me some food, cleaning and kitchen supplies, and invited me to her church and yoga exercise classes. Oh and let me me not forget the biggest blessing, the EXACT day i planned on moving, the company i interviewed with called me to offer me the job!!!!!!!!

This is something that i have been praying about for over a year now. And blogger fam, out of all the positions i applied or interviewed for, this one IS the best. This position is something that entry level people in my field NEVER get until about ten years of working. Not just that, it's in a state and city that i absolutely desired to live in. HOW AMAZING IS MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I have been reflecting on this last year and how it was soo uncertain and how at times it made me really sad, mad, angry, depressed, grateful, emotional. I feel that God was trying to teach me MANY different things during that period and he was very successful. I, Chizzy D, have no power,  my WORKS have no power. All power belongs to GOD, he is the only one in control, so it only makes sense to surrender to him. 
If you are going through a similar period in life, use the time to seek what God is trying to teach you.  Regardless of the outcome, God is in control and he knows the plans he has for you even if you don't.

Thank you soo much blogger fam for your prayers and encouragement. Please pray that God continues to bring amazing ppl in my life, that i find a great church family, that i'm protected by him at all times, and that i transition properly to a professional job. 

Have a blessed day. Chizzy D


HoneyDame said...

SIng with me "How Great, is our God, And all wiil see, how great, how great is our God"
I am soo happy for you and I will say a word of thanks on your behalf too.
Wow!!! ALl things do work together for good!
Congratulations once again

Chizzy D said...

Amen oooooo. The way everything happened, ONLY GOD ooo. Thank you!

Prism of an immigrant said...

Congratulations. Everything na double double in Jesus name.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! God is wonderful, isn't He?! His ways are not our ways but all I have to say is watch my God work in the lives of His children!

::shouts Hallelujah::

Chizzy D said...

@prism...thank you and amen

@anonymous.....YES HE IS!! His plans were waaay greater than mine.

kimvan said...

awesome...HALLELUJAH! I was thinking of you this week and I am so happy for this testimony, it's alos a timely reminder that God is able and what I am going thru now is on the way to something that's for my own good. Stay prayed up and blessed.

Blessing said...

AWWWW Congrats!!!! This is indeed GREAT news!!!

God is faithful, so happy for you!!!

oluSimeon said...

Grateful to God on your behalf.

Chizzy D said...

@kimvan....you know God knows everything...continue to trust that he has everything under control. I know it is not easy though.

@blessing...thank ooo

@olusimeon.....thank you sir

NakedSha said...

Congratulations. I didn't hear from you anymore; this is great news.

'Come and join me sing Hallelujah.'

NakedSha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Muse Origins said...

Thank God your plans worked out. I'm really happy for you :D


Myne Whitman said...

God is amazing indeed, bless His name. Congrats dear!

Stella Kodi said...

Awww...So thrilled for you that you made such move...you basically took a step of faith and things just worked out...Thank God! Enjoy it missy!

Chizzy D said...

@muse... thank you :)

@myne...yay im glad you commented:)

@stella...you know i've never taken a crazy leap of faith like that before, but i just had a very strong feeling that i was suppose to.

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