About me

Hello you,
I am Chizzy D, but i go by many names online(ex:go-hard). Like my description says: I am a Go-hard Christian, a Spoken Word Artist, a Traveler, a Natural hair lover, healthy/simple lifestyle guru, activist, and much more. I love to laugh and brighten people's day, but I'm also intensely serious about living for Christ and the injustices of the world.
After having three blogs on different topics that i am interested in, i decided to create one major blog on all my interests. You may not always be interested in everything that i post, but stick around long enough and you will find something that tickles your heart. So grab a cup of coffee(tea is my choice), relax and enjoy my world.  
Also,  I really enjoy blogging but i enjoy my privacy even more. This means that even though i want to, there will be no personal pics of my self. Sorry(with a Canadian accent).

Also alot of pics on this blog are not mine and i don't take credit for them. Assume the pics are not taken by me unless i say other wise.

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