Friday, December 31, 2010

Passion 2011

 Good day all, 

So i'm very excited because i will be going to an awesome conference called "Passion 2011" come Friday. The conference will be at Atlanta from Jan 1st until Jan 4th. There are lot of amazing speakers and artists that will be there. Most notably, John Piper and Lecrae. Anyone who knows me or followed my old blog, knows how i seriously feel about Lecrae's music, they would also know my thoughts on John Piper. In 2010, my top three non-personal Christian role models were Shane Claiborne, Lecrae and  John Piper. I met Shane Claiborne last year in Urbana, but have never been to a Lecrae concert or listened to John Piper speak live(even though i have kinda tried). I registered to go to Passion 2011 with my church about a week ago, but this week i found out that both Lecrae and John Piper would be there. Words can not explain how excited i am. Those two people are only a small part of why i am so excited.  
  • My old blog's name came from a lecrae song called: Go hard(one of my many theme song), check out articles i wrote on Lecrae click HERE

  • To learn more about Passion 2011, click HERE

  • To see articles i wrote on John Piper on my old blog, click HERE

Have a blessed day. Chizzy D and Happy New Years


kimvan said...

Passion is awesome I volunteered with them earlier last yr when they came to Tokyo, enjoy and please give a review.

Chizzy D said...

@kimvan..I enjoyed listening to John Piper speak...i mean what he said was life-changing for me. Seeing Lecrae was amazing of-course. Francis Chan and David platts also spoke..i loved their message on striving to make our lives line up with the bible.

Chizzy D said...

@also we saw some vids from passion in Tokyo, thats really cool that you were there? What did you think of it?

kimvan said...

It was awesome. The spirit of the lord was in the place. Chris Tomlin and Louie are anointed. It was just so moving to see young people worshipping giving everything to God. I was reminded of an important lesson that day that we should never judge a book by its cover. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was renewed spiritually. i hope I can experience it again in the future.

Etopedia said...

I hope to attend this year's program. I missed the last year's program

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