Friday, December 17, 2010

Wanna play?

Good day to you,
So i have graduated!!! 
Praaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssseeeeeee the loooord!!!!! Thank you Jesus.
I am in the middle of moving from one city to an other. I barely have internet, but that will change after i move. I look forward to catching up with everyone's blogs.
Prayer request:
I have recently been presented an opportunity to practice forgiving and I'm soooo not feeling it, pray for me as do that.
In the meantime, enjoy the games below. I can't even get past level one in the first game.
What was your highest score? P.s. the meat and eggs need to be place on fryer first before the sandwich.
 **Let me know if the games below doesn't work in your country.

*** update: i finally got to level two, but can't complete it. I'm #35 on the global wall of fame list..ya goal is to beat out as many Asian people(they dominate this game) as possible, maybe be top 20...ehh? Tell me how far you get, i'll be checking the top scores.
**** update again: Made it to level three..WHAT!!!....i'm now #18(as of12/17/2010) on the wall of ten anyone?...
im pretty sure this type of entertainment is too immature for most, what can i say, i'm a big kid. :)

Play more time management games!

Have a blessed day. Chizzy ;D


Gospel Girl said...

Congrats on your graduation Chizzy. :)

Chizzy D said...

rhx gal

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