Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Black in Latin America

Good day all,

1.) Black in Latin America: Haiti and Dominican Republic
I found this documentaries to be quite interesting. The colorism issue between the two neighboring countries is intense. Did you know Haiti was on it's way to being one of the richest Latin American countries before the U.S stepped in? Did you know that they have extremely strong ties to traditional african cultures? I truely enjoyed watching this and learned so much from it. I hope you do as well.

2.) Black in Latin America: Brazil
The Capital of Colorism= Brazil. Yep i said it. Bet you always thought this country was a country that embraced and celebrated the different mixtures of people and cultures, didn't ya? Well on the surface yes, but when you dig in closer, you realize how complex the skin color issues are in Brazil. Fascinating watch. Enjoy!


LadyNgo said...

Colorism is a MAJOR issue in Latin American countries which has always been so absurd to me considering that a lot of latin american countries have citizens that come in every shade imaginable from black as night to snow white with blond hair and blue eyes. One of my friends from DR...her mom's family literally disowned her (cut he out of the will, won't speak to her, etc) because she married a man the wrong shade of brown.
Whats even funnier/sadder are the people that don't even realize that the colorism exists. I was part of a Dominican org in college. One of the discussions we had was about relations with Haiti and one girl stood up and said that no one in her family was racist but then went on to say how when she was little her parents told her she wasn't allowed to go down the hill because "the Haitians/Blacks will get her" And in her mind there was nothing wrong with that statement.
Don't even get me started about Brazil lol

Chizzy D said...

oh such passion, please speak on Brazil.
I used to think Africa was the worst with colorism issues, until i went to latin american, then asian. Those to continents got some ISSUES.

kimvan said...

ditto ur comment chizzy, chile more than tongue can tell

The Corner Shop said...

Wow! Really? I had no idea in fact. Thanks for sharing this- I heard something like this about Jamaica too


Anonymous said...

I love HLG Jr and his work on people of African descent.

And like you Chizy, I thought africans were hopeless when it came to colourism issues until I watched these documentaries. I actually thought Peru was the worst one out of all the Latin countries because of the white guy in blackface that potrays the stupid negro. the show is still on the air till this day - Sad.

Chizzy D said...

@kimvan...please do tell

@The corner shop...Jamaica has it's own different set of issues.

@Udara...I don't know how i feel about henry lewis gates, i heard positives and negative about the man and some of his works. I enjoyed this series though. oh, i haven't seen the peru one, i will watch that next.

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