Thursday, February 3, 2011

Requested: Natural hair 101 (helpful links included)

 Good day all, 
So i have been asked repeatedly to fully showcase natural hair. I am going to do more than that. I will turn this post into a featured page because it is going to be information packed. 

 What is Natural hair?
Natural hair refers to the original hair/ hair texture you were born with...i.e..your natural hair texture. Because we are uniquely created, everyone's hair texture(although it might not appear to be ) is different. In my family,  none of us have the same natural hair texture. What works for one person's hair may not work for you(even though it appears that you may have similar hair textures), this goes for hairstyles, products, hair practices, etc.
 Two major divisions of Natural hair
Loose natural hair
Hair texture for loose natural hair depends on your coil/curl pattern or lack of coil/curl or both(having different patterns in different sections of your hair.)

Rocking a bald or low cut hairstyle also falls under the loose natural hair division. 

People with relaxed hair go natural by either chopping off all their hair(which is what i did), slowing cutting off their relaxed ends while their natural roots grow in, or wearing extensions for 6months to 1 year allow time for new growth then chopping off the relaxed parts.
Locs (I don't call it the other thing because my hair is not "dread"ful.)

Locs are very complex. 
There 3 are major types of loced hair divisions. 
1. Sisterlocs: Very tiny loc strands, from far away look almost like relaxed hair. 
2. Normal locs: this mean that it is not the size of sisterlocs and is periodically re-twisted. Usually medium to thick locs.
3. Freeform/semi-freeform:When locs are allowed to do their own thing. Rarely to never re-twisting. 

Like i said early, locs are very complex and there are no set rules on how to rock it or take care of it, so it allows you to be sooo creative or NOT at all.

Now for the fun part, my Favorite Natural hair links

If you would like to add any links to this list to help others out, let me know.  This is an ongoing list.

This post was written by me: Chizzy :D and is based on my observation and option. If you have any questions, let me know and i'll do my best to answer your question.
Have a blessed day, Chizzy ;D.


Gospel Girl said...

Thanks for the links, will definitely check out some of them. :)

Chizzy D said...

most def..

Enyonam said...

Thanks Chizzy for this beautiful and elaborate showcase of beautiful natural hair. I am so ready for my sister'slocks should be fun.

Love you,

businesslady said...

Chizzy....girl you must have been reading my mind...these pics are AWESOME...I've been thinking about going natural and I was searching for pics this past I'm truly :) --Chi-Chi Babe

Chizzy D said... you are getting sisterlocks ehhh..Nice!!!
They are very beautiful, but the hardest to maintain. How did you decided you would get locks, and then sisterloc?

Chizzy D said...

@buisness lady,
I'm happy this inspired you.Do you have a blog?

Enyonam said...

@Chizzy, well I promised myself to grow my hair and change my looks when I turned forty. Every hair style I have had over the years have always represtented my heart condition at the time. Shaving my hair for nearly nine years has been a cry for help. And I thank God for hearing my cry and rescusing me.

Now locks and for that matter sisterlocks is because I have never been a lover of braids,plaits or afro. Sisterlocks because it's not so sterotyped, all nautral no gel, very light and rather easy to manage. Except a little bit more expensive. However, one can dress up with it without haven't to feel the need to look earthly. I generally dress very classic, smart and very simple.

Actually, what a better way to start one's new life with something so pure looking reflecting who I am and who I was created to be without any added extras. Sisterlocks also offers black working mothers or in general black women who want to empower themselves by running their own home based business without the added pressure that working and bringing up a family in an employment (job). Most women that have sisterlocks end up becoming a sisterlock consultant and it works perfectly well with running and managing a home. I am firm believer of encouraging and inspiration women to step outside the box making their mark in whatever it might be.

Forgive for going on and on Lol I am just excited can't wait to have my sisterlocks. It should be a fun and an exciting journey........


Chizzy D said...

thanks so much for sharing your hair journey and why you want sisterlocs. Will you have a blog on your hair journey?

I know you live in the UK and i've never been there so i dont know much about the natural hair scene or stereotypes. Here in the states, you can have any type of groomed natural hairstyle and work in corporate offices and be considered classy and professional. You style/groom your hair according to the type of person you are. I think this is a good thing b/c mainstream is realizing that our hair texture is not a political statement rather the hair God gave us. but of course there are those places/people that will be the last to accept this, thats their problem.

Non-sisterlocs loc are def not only for earthy types. I know alot of ppl with non-sisterlock locs and none are earthy types, although I would really like to meet a earthy type gal with locs(i see them online alot, lol). When it comes to gels, some people do use gels for non-sisterlocs, while other aloe vera or home made flax seed or twist and let air dry or interlock, the possibility is endless.

I think its exciting that you are so excited about this journey that could possibly turn into a business. When will you get them?

Here are some sites i know about you may be interested in:

Have a great day.

Enyonam said...

@Chizzy, thanks for links will take a look at them. The lady who is going to do for me happens to be fully booked for months on end. So she is going to call me when she can work out something for me in between. She was recommended by a friend of mine who lives in Atlanta and is a sisterlock consultant after starting her journey in 2002. Actually, she and her twin sister have been my inspiration and the reason for my sisterlocks really.

I would love to have a blog where I can showcase my sisterlocks journey and a general journal really. Can you please help me, can't seem to be able to download blog templates for set up :-) I would love to share my life on turning forty and how far God has brought me.......... :-)

I am a complete new woman since I turned forty exactly a week today. When they say life begins at forty, yes mine is literally. How amazing is that!

Thank you for all the support and all the wonderful tips on natural hair.

Lots of love,

Toyin O. said...

Such beautiful ladies with natural hair, thanks for sharing.

Natural Nigerian said...

I am glad to see that there are a lot of us interested in Natural hair.

First time on your blog. Good post.

Chizzy D said...

@enyonam....thats cool, of course i can help. Just let me know what you need help with.

@toyin...thx for dropping by.

@natural nigerian..things are changing, thx

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