Friday, February 25, 2011

Sometimes you just need a break! ALSO Please suggest new music to me!

 Good day all, 
The title of this post pretty much sums up how i have been feeling about the internet lately. Yesterday, here in the good ol' United States, my neighborhood lost electricity for a couple of hours(thank you NEPA). I have no idea why, all i know is that i felt free. SERIOUSLY and i even wanted it to last longer. My macbook has been connected to me as though it's my child for like two years now. Granted i do take breaks from it once in awhile. Although technology is awesome, and i'm not going to list of all the ways here because everyone knows them, it kinda detaches you from "LIVING,"which is what i'm really focused on doing these days.

Anyways, i wrote this post especially to the people that follow my blog. I may or may post on a daily or weekly bases, i may or may not comment or see your lately post, but whenever i'm on here i will do my best to connect with my blogger fam.

 Question: I really want to be introduced to new music.  Can you suggest any artist or bands/qroups for me to check out.

Have a blessed day. Chizzy D


Prism of an immigrant said...

I agree with you about the internet. I tried limiting my computer time to less than 2 hours a day, but I failed at it.

Myne Whitman said...

I'm officially addicted, but it's not bad. I'm addicted to God and sugar too. :)

Check out Jodie's Kuchi Kuchi Oh baby. Lovely song and video.

kimvan said...

cool. I like Third Day, Vashawn Mitchell, The grace Thrillers and many others check about those three maybe you might find something u like

Ibhade {NG} said...

ok.i understand...i spend few hours on the net also, becox i am getting addicted to it ...nepa don carry their winchy reach obodo oyibo?, no help from me oo, becos am a passive music lover..take care.

Chizzy D said...

@prism....i have to take serious breaks because its effecting my life.

@myne...thx for the suggestion.

@kimvan...ive heard of some of those artist but not others..will check out, thx for the suggestion.

@Nitty....i always laugh when i read something you have written. Yessooo nepa dey come here once in a while.

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