Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday

As most of you know, today is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States of America, sooo Happy Thanksgiving to my folks in the states. I'm grateful for so many things. The lord has blessed me in so many ways. As much as i love thanksgiving day, i love the day after thanksgiving even more,    "BLACK FRIDAY " it's called.
Now for the readers that have no idea what i'm talking about, exhibit A--------------------------->
Seriously that's what major stores look like from 4am until about 11am on Friday morning.

 what is black Friday you say:

Black Friday is the discount shopping day that follows American Thanksgiving, which is always on a Thursday. Retailers promote Black Friday as the day to start shopping for Christmas. Black Friday is often advertised with "Christmas Sales" as well as "Thanksgiving Sales."
The word "black" in Black Friday refers to the term "in the black" meaning making a profit. Today, Black Friday is not a crucial source of profit to retailers, but is important in driving traffic into stores. Many retailers mail special Black Friday circulars to consumers, announcing deeply discounted items in the hopes that consumers will visit their store on Black Friday

 Why do i love Black Friday: 
The women in my family take this day seriously(not really) not really even about getting things really cheap(by the way walmart is selling a laptop for $198 on Friday, if you want it make sure you go stand in line at 6pm tonight, stores open at 5am tomorrow), its kinda of a family tradition. We love standing in line in the cold 8 hrs before a store opens, out running folks when the door does open, grabbing a item right before the person behind you does, and running as fast as we can back to the car to go to the next store. I guess you can say it's kind of a sport for us. Now this shopping day is not for normal people. Other options for my normal folks is shopping online on friday or going to stores after 10am(by then the crazies are very tired and want to go home and sleep).

Tips for shopping on Black Friday
Click -----^
 I don't plan on buying anything tomorrow, i'll just be going to look, observe, and maybe take pics. 

Have a blessed day, Chizzy ;D


Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving day....laughs at the black friday scenes. ...really?...mehn, it's such fun & am attracted to a good bargain o...why pay more for what i can get for half the price huh?, i would camp outside for 10hours sef!...have fun in observing & upload pix.

Chizzy D said...

thx :)..Yes its very fun if you go with the right ppl and have a plan(that is keY)....Things used to be like 60-70% off when i was younger, now things are like 30% max, i bet tomorrow thing will be like 10% off and they are going to be pretending that serious sales are happening.Oh well, sign of the times.

Camping is one thing, camping in the freezing cold is

Gospel Girl said...

LOL @ the thought of people scrambling around for bargains....reminds me of after Christmas sales in UK.
Bbrrrr... I don't think I could sleep out in the cold though...but I guess if you want something badly enuff you will do all sorts to get it, as they say gal, no pain no gain!
Have a happy thanksgiving ChizzyD :)

Chizzy D said...

@gospel girl...thx, ive only stood in line one year for 8 hrs...No MORe, i just kinda arrive when stores open now.

Anonymous said...

you all are so lucky. nothing like black friday here in naija.

Chizzy D said...

@jobsfornaija...this is not a safe day ooo, every year ppl get very hurt or die. You just have to be very careful and observe your surroundings.
There are pros and cons when it comes to living in both naija and the states, ive seriously come to that conclusion.

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