Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Make your own hair and body moisturizer **very easy**

The hair moisturizer that i use is incredibility easy to make. Everything involved is natural and simple. Perfect for every hair type.

Benefits of olive oil:

Scalp & Hair

Vitamin E, polyphenols and powerful antioxidants
Improves overall scalp and hair health
Restores, Protects, and Softens 
Soothes Dryness
Absorbs easily/deeply
Deeply conditions
Restores elasticity
Helps prevent dandruff
Reduces synthetic product buildup and pollutants
Good for scalp rashes, eczema, psoriasis and allergies

What you need:

So, basically what  you do is:
  • Get some olive oil 
  • Mix it with your favorite essential oil or light perfume (my favorite is Eucalyptus )
  • put it in a bottle of your choice and shake it so that it mixes well
  •  soooo ummmm, yep that's it :)

I was using store bought olive oil hair moisturizers(which had weird ingredients) for months until i realized that i could make my own.

TIP: Make sure you take the time to smell different essential oils, so that you pick out something you like.

Tip: You don't have to add essential oils to olive oil, you can use it just like that. I don't like the smell of olive oil, so i mask the smell with essential oil.

You can also use this as body oil during dry(winter) months..add a heavier scent to the olive oil.

Do you make any of the products you use, if so please SHARE!!!

Have an awesome day, Chizzy :D


kimvan said...

This sounds great and I have all these ingredients so will give it try but the smell of olive oil. I do use it to deep condition and it works great. I actually have used jojoba oil and coconut oil with essential oils to moisturize. I am always mixing, experimenting etc.

LC said...

I don't make any oils for my hair, but I will be trying this recipe. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I never knew that & i have both ingredients at home!...Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

lol, thanks for the recipe sha, but i wont try it though. i am not really a manufacture at home kinda person. lemme continue using my 60 naira lovely body

Chizzy D said...

@kimvan...i too love jojoba oil...but it is sooo expensive compared to olive oil that i can cook with and use on my body as well. Jojoba oil, i have found is very good for the skin..makes skin VERY soft, but its not as great on my hair because its so light and my locs need something heavier.

Chizzy D said...

@lc...your welcome

Chizzy D said...

@nitty...your welcome, i love learning easier more inexpensive alternatives to everyday products.

Chizzy D said...

@jobsfornaija...continue ooo, i think its my creative spirit that inspires me to figure things out and look for alternatives...what is this 60 naira cream called that you use?

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